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December 18 afternoon
2:18 AM on Jan. 15, 2016

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Master Li said, if fruitless negotiations, then he will sue the Driving China Chinese Commercial News reporters Tang Ji and Ying She
Do not know the word,veste canada goose, you can not obtain a driver's license? The answer is certainly not,moncler outlet, subject one can not have too. Can a 58-year-old man said, Xi'an Chang'an focal points represented a driving school can not read the exam,, he received 4,000 yuan registration fee, examination subjects and sometimes he had to pay 400 yuan insurance fee.
Driving in Yinchuan was rejected but few reported on the name in Xi'an
19 am, Chang'an District Youth Street Hengtong Driving registration focal point closed the door, 58-year-old Master Li standing in the doorway worried: "Yesterday (18) afternoon to also open the door with, today (19 May) to not contact people. "
Master Li said he was Yangling who, ten years ago, moved to Yinchuan. Usually during the day and his wife to the son's home to take care of grandchildren, back to their homes at night,, in the middle there is a few kilometers away,air max 90, riding the electric car is not convenient, too cold in winter. The family bought a car this year, he thought, if you drive, not only convenience,orecchini tiffany, but also to travel with his wife.
Want to drive you have to take a driver's license, but Master Li did not know the words, he said, a child to school is not serious, only to write their names and some very simple words, this situation can test your driving license? Lee took his son to find a master in Yinchuan thirty-four Driving,, have been rejected, can not say no literacy test, but Master Li did not give up hope, always looking for the opportunity to try.
In April this year, Shaanxi Master Li back home to visit relatives, to visit relatives when Chang'an District of Xi'an, but also to find from a driving school and eventually, Young Street Hengtong driving school enrollment focal point "receive" him. Master Li said,hogan rebel, a door he first asked himself illiterate can live without, a female receptionist said yes, "to pay 400 yuan more time, give you hired gunman" theory test when Master Li sat on it. Hear this argument, Master Li was very excited, on the spot to pay 4000 yuan registration fee.
It will not open the examination of computer monitors police officer to help him opening
This summer, Driving informing him test subjects a Master Li hurried from Yinchuan to drive over. Master Li said, the exam was published on the morning of the grid in the examination room, he filled after Paul had paid a 400 yuan fee,, but no bill.
After the examination hall, Master Li saw the computer screen black, do not know how to open, the pressure on the chaos on the keyboard, a female police officer to help him open the screen point, asked his words on the screen is what he, the result can not be said to Master Li. "Get up, and quickly went out." Female police officer said.
In this way, Master Li was "invited" out of the examination room, he hurried to tell the people the money, then that person will give the entry point of "An Xiaozhang" a telephone call, the caller said, "I know." After Master Li phoned and "An Xiaozhang" communication, but "An Xiaozhang" has changed to say let him go home to learn to read, or else refund, but the refund only back around 1,000 yuan. Such a solution, Master Li felt unable to agree, so the two sides deadlocked lived.
Driving acquaintances said it was not aware of Master Li illiterate
December 18 afternoon,, Master Li and his son arrived from Xi'an, Yinchuan deal with the matter, the focal point in the original registration, the receptionist said he was just working, "An Xiaozhang" has not appeared.
19 morning, the China Daily reporter on the scene saw the door closed, this focal point,, the office phone unable to connect.
18:00 more than yesterday, "An Xiaozhang" told China Daily reporter on the phone, was Master Li Tuo Shuren find driving school, he does not know he does not know the word, after he was examiner "Please" out of the examination room, their only know . "Do not know the word simply does not work, a quick test theory?"
"An Xiaozhang," said Master Li has signed up to arrange the exam, and now you want to cancel, I need to go to the Vehicle Administration logout information, and the time to refund, net of related costs have been produced.
"An Xiaozhang," said he recently in Shanxi, next Monday can apply for a refund matters that Master Li, and properly resolve the matter.
Registration fee if it can not get back the man said it would sue the driving school
"They knew my dad can not read, but also insist earn this money, consider not even buckle 3000 yuan, this is not fraud it." Master Li's son said that his father heard the application is successful he is very surprised, when "An Xiaozhang" To the father's name, he sent a text message, specifically noted the "My father is illiterate, when registration has been described it, can, right?" the other side did not reply.
On receipt of receivables presented Master Li, China Daily reporter saw the collection date for April 21, 2014, we have now received written Li ×× pilot training costs 4,000 yuan, financial seal stamped with the driving school,, also There are a Lianju card. Master Li said never practiced. Master Li said he regretted not knowing himself in the situation also find a driving school test signed up, and now he just wants the registration fee smoothly back.
For this, Xi'an Commerce and Industry Secretary Security Bureau staff said the West Trade and Industry, Driving focal point is not required for industrial and commercial license, for alleged consumer fraud acts reflect Master Li,, the business sector can mediate between the two sides.
In this regard, the son of Master Li and said that if not successfully back registration fee, they will sue the driving school.
China Chinese Commercial News reporter Li Lin
(Original title: bail over charges illiterate driving test was "invited" out of the examination room (Figure))

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